Miguel Escalante Photographer: I consider my-self a diverse photographer, willing to tackle any situation, not only do I offer photographic services but also graphic design and press printing for brochures, magazines, adds plus web design...My photographic work remains consistent through-out each photographic assignment and I am always ready for that unexpected moment to shoot that natural expression of laughter, smile or beauty of the subject.!

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  • Graphic Design

    Visual arts and page layout techniques

    Creating design solutions that have a high visual impact.

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  • Web Design

    Web Design and HTML

    Web design, marketing, and graphics design. Offers a list of services and a portfolio.

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  • Photography

    Cayman Islands Photography

    Adverts, merchandising, corporate, functions, portraits, wedding.

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  • Videos

    Video production services in Cayman Islands

    See your products and services from a completely new angle.

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